Line Striping

When commercial property owners need a professional looking parking lot, line striping, pavement markings, and parking signage are all very important. To get the proper parking symbols painted onto pavement to last for as long as possible, property owners should contact their trusted local asphalt paving company.

In Alabama, H&H Paving LLC is that trusted parking lot paving company, with all the latest pavement painting capabilities to make sure our clients’ parking lots are easy to navigate as well as compliant with the ADA and municipal codes.

Parking Lot Finishing Services: Line Striping and More

  • Parking Lot Striping

    Having visible parking spaces clearly marked by bright lines is vital to the safety of your customers, employees, and visitors. Clean, visible parking lines also give your parking lot a fresh look that shows you care about your commercial property.

  • Pavement Markings

    Parking lot striping services include more than just lines! Professional asphalt contractors use stencils to apply all sorts of parking symbols, including:

    • Traffic arrows
    • Electric vehicle parking symbols
    • No parking or loading zone markings
    • Reserved parking spaces
    • Numbers and letters
  • ADA Compliance

    It’s important that all public buildings are accessible to all drivers, and the Americans with Disabilities Act requires parking lots to have certain accommodations for drivers with disabilities. Your reputable local parking lot paving company is knowledgeable about these national codes as well as local municipal parking codes, so they can apply the right symbols and install parking signs that will keep you compliant, reducing your liability.

  • When to Get Your Parking Lot Striped

    When you use your parking lot every day, it can be easy to miss signs that it needs to be repainted, including:

    • Bad parking jobs
    • Improper use of handicapped parking spots
    • Lines aren’t always visible
    • Vehicle accidents

Call H&H Paving LLC for Quality Parking Lot Line Striping

In Alabama communities such as Gadsden AL, Fort Payne AL, Boaz AL, Scottsboro AL, and Guntersville AL, H&H Paving LLC is the trusted paving company for all their commercial paving needs from initial pavement installation all the way through to asphalt sealcoating and parking lot line striping services.

Contact H&H Paving LLC for all your parking lot line striping, pavement marking, and ADA compliance needs!

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