Pavement Maintenance

Wear and tear can do a number on your parking lot or other asphalt pavement, making it dry, brittle, and more prone to cracking, deteriorating, or developing potholes. So how can property owners prevent this? With proven pavement maintenance processes from your local paving company.

In northeast Alabama, the paving company trusted to keep local pavement in good repair is H&H Paving LLC. Our professional asphalt maintenance services can extend the life of your parking lot or driveway by decades. Here’s how.

All About Pavement Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance services are designed to address the ways pavement breaks down, and there are different paving processes that target pavement at various levels of deterioration.

  • Restorative Pavement Maintenance Processes

    Crack filling services seal over smaller cracks in the asphalt so that they don’t grow, connect, and cause more serious damage that requires expensive parking lot repairs.
    Asphalt resurfacing like overlay or milling restores brittle pavement by applying a new surface layer of fresh asphalt.
    Sealcoating revitalizes pavement by restoring chemicals that keep pavement flexible, as well as providing a new, clean look.

  • Preventative Pavement Maintenance Services

    Parking lot sealcoating prevents further surface damage to the pavement by providing a thin layer of asphalt emulsion, protecting it from oxidation, UV rays, and water penetration.
    Pavement sweeping removes dirt, debris, and chemicals that can break down the asphalt surface and contribute to pavement deterioration.

  • Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance Services

    • Line striping is one of the most important services to restore a worn parking lot. Using quality traffic paint, paving contractors apply fresh parking stall lines, pavement markings, and ADA handicapped parking symbols.
    • Concrete services can restore concrete curbs, parking bumpers, or sidewalks to make the whole parking area look clean and professional.

H&H Paving: the Pavement Maintenance Experts for Alabama

At H&H Paving, we have extensive experience with parking lot paving and repair, so we understand the stresses pavement is under and how to address it with ongoing maintenance. We also work closely with business owners and property managers to craft a custom pavement maintenance plan that meets their needs.

Contact H&H Paving LLC, Alabama’s parking lot experts, for information on asphalt maintenance!

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