Parking Lot Repair

Parking lot repairs can be scary for business owners and commercial property managers, but they don’t have to be. Your local parking lot paving company has the right asphalt repair and concrete services to make sure that your customers or residents are safe visiting your commercial property.

Guide to Parking Lot Repair for Alabama Business Owners

    Asphalt Repairs for Minor Damage

  • When the damage to your parking lot is relatively mild, there are certain cost-effective repair services that can restore commercial pavement without breaking the bank, such as:

    • Crack Filling – Using quality asphalt emulsions, our paving contractors fill in smaller cracks (under 3/4 inch wide and 1 inch deep).
    • Asphalt Overlay – If there are large areas of minor damage that only affects the surface layer, overlays and slurry sealing can add a new top layer.
  • Major Parking Lot Repair Processes

    When your parking lot has serious damage that goes through all the pavement layers, your local parking lot experts can help with:

    • Asphalt Patching – This service cuts out damaged pavement and replaces it with brand new asphalt, then smoothing it so it matches existing pavement.
    • Asphalt Resurfacing – Using asphalt milling machines, experienced paving professionals can completely remove the top layers of asphalt, fix underlying base layer problems, and then replace it with brand new asphalt.
  • Preventative Pavement Repair Services

    There are even parking lot repair processes that can prevent asphalt pavement from getting damaged in the first place, including:

    • Parking Lot Sealcoating – Not only does an asphalt sealcoat restore dry, brittle pavement, it also protects the surface from oxidation, water, UV rays, and physical wear.
    • Line Striping – The parking stripes and pavement symbols on your parking lot are a major part of its look, so it’s important to keep them neat and visible.

H&H Paving: The Best Parking Lot Repair Company for AL Businesses

Whether you need full pavement replacement or some simple pavement repairs, we can handle your parking lot paving project. With our proven parking lot repair services, Alabama business owners can keep up their commercial property values and attract new customers!

Contact H&H Paving LLC, Alabama’s trusted parking lot paving company, about your commercial pavement today!

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