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For multiple years H&H Paving has demonstrated itself as Stevenson AL’s most respected and efficient paving services experts. We have been professionally providing all types of paving services including repair, maintenance, parking lot paving, and driveway paving all over the the Stevenson AL area for the last eight years.

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We are proud to serve the entire state of Alabama
  • We make sure our contractors are kept up to date and on board with the latest in paving standards, permits, and licensing as required by law as well as protected by full coverage insurance.
  • Our goal is to provide everyone with paving services that fit their needs and budgets, so we provide consistent communication with them along every step of paving projects.
  • Our company has a proud tradition of working in paving services and continuing to advance their understanding of new methods and technologies.

Enjoy Stevenson AL

A city in Jackson County, Alabama, Stevenson AL is included in the Chattanooga-Cleveland-Dalton Combined Statistical Area and had a population of 2,046 in 2010. It is unclear when the city was incorporated, as sources list either 1866 or 1867 as the year Stevenson was founded, while the U.S. Census didn’t even list the community until 1880. Since then, the town has grown to become the third largest town in the area just behind Bridgeport and Scottsboro AL.

A small town, Stevenson’s sights are those of a cozy community. The county features multiple parks and places to go where there is lush natural greenery to enjoy such as Fort Harker and the Crow Creek Wildlife Management Area, as well as decent fishing on Crow Creek Lake. The Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum is the central place for why people visit the town, an old historic building that has been preserved since the 19th century as a testament to American determination to build railways across the entirety of the United States. The town even holds Depot Days celebrations in June to celebrate the historic railroad and the town’s history. If you’re looking for someplace quiet that typifies American small town charm, Stevenson is the place to visit!

Pavement Maintenance Budgeting for Stevenson AL Property Managers

Alabama property managers need to budget carefully for all kinds of facilities maintenance, but pavement maintenance is often overlooked. Stevenson AL’s trusted asphalt paving company, H&H Paving, is here to tell you that it’s vital that local property managers understand how to prepare for regular asphalt maintenance.

Pavement Maintenance Budgeting Tips

1) Walk your pavement regularly, and get professional asphalt inspections.

Before you can budget for asphalt paving services, you have to know what kind of services you might need, whether repair or maintenance. The best way to do that is to get a pavement inspection by a trusted asphalt company like H&H Paving Inc, but you can also walk your property with an eye out for common asphalt problems.

2) Understand the asphalt damage you find.

There are asphalt paving services to address pretty much any condition you might have on your property, such as:

  • Crack sealing services for visible asphalt cracking.
  • Asphalt sealcoating to restore and preserve a faded, brittle pavement surface.
  • Drainage servicing to get rid of standing water.
  • Professional pavement sweeping to remove debris that can damage asphalt.

3) Know the factors contributing to pavement maintenance costs.

Once you have a handle on what kind of services can best preserve your parking lot, look into the factors that can affect the cost of these pavement maintenance services. Some of these factors include pavement square footage, width and depth of cracks, age of your asphalt pavement, and the last time the pavement was serviced.

4) Call H&H Paving for the best asphalt maintenance services in Alabama!

In Stevenson AL, H&H Paving is the asphalt company that cares about local businesses because we are a local family business! We’ll perform regular state of the art asphalt maintenance services to keep your pavement in good condition year-round. We’ll help you craft a plan to keep your asphalt parking lot looking good while staying within your budget.

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