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In Southside AL, H&H Paving LLC is the trusted paving services company because we value our local property owners, always work with integrity, and come from a family with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Our professional asphalt paving contractors have worked closely with Alabama residential homeowners and commercial property owners to improve their parking lots and driveways with affordable asphalt and concrete services tailored to their needs.

Experienced Paving Contractors in Southside AL

Why Choose Us
We are proud to serve the entire state of Alabama
  • We came from a family with more than 50 years of experience in the paving industry, maintaining a tradition of training every paving contractor to be the best they can possibly be.
  • We value each of our customers intensely, checking on each to make sure their paving work is still to their satisfaction even after we have completed a job.
  • We offer quality repair and maintenance services for every customer to keep their asphalt looking great for decades to come, having a standard that we never abandon our clients.

All About Scenic Southside AL

A city located in Etowah County AL, Southside is part of the Gadsden Metropolitan Statistical Area and was incorporated in 1957. It had a population of 8,412 as of the 2010 United States Census and is located about 10 miles south of downtown Gadsden. Originally, Southside was settled in 1850 as a small rural community where the primary source of income was farming but has since become a thriving residential community.

If you’re looking for a day trip to Southside or something more extensive, there’s a number of activities you can embark upon. Golf clubs are a great way to spend the day getting some exercise on the links. Noccalula Falls is a 90 foot waterfall open to the public with a panoramic 360 degree view of the park from the top of the waterfall. Talladega National Forest is also nearby, just one of many natural locations to visit in the Southside area. If you enjoy the great outdoors, Southside is definitely the kind of place to visit for you!

Differences between Sealcoat and Slurry Coat

The average property owner doesn’t know all about their asphalt pavement, but it’s important to understand the difference between asphalt repair options like sealcoating and slurry coating so that you can get the right asphalt paving services for your property.

H&H Paving LLC, Southside AL’s Sealcoating and Slurry Sealing Experts

H&H Paving LLC, Southside AL’s trusted asphalt paving company, has a wide range of asphalt repair options to tackle even the worst pavement damage. Our knowledgeable asphalt contractors will perform a pavement inspection to determine the best repair service for your situation and then follow through with the highest quality asphalt paving services.

Differences Between Sealcoat and Slurry Coat

Here’s some of the most common questions about both asphalt sealcoating and slurry coating.

What’s the difference between seal coat and slurry coat products?

An asphalt sealcoating is a very thin liquid asphalt emulsion with super fine aggregates like sand and special polymers and additives to protect the pavement. Slurry coats are made from similar liquid asphalt products, only mixed with thicker aggregates, more like a very thin layer of asphalt pavement.

When is asphalt sealcoating better?

If you’re looking to provide a protective layer over asphalt with minor damage or no damage, and asphalt sealcoating is a good idea. This option is recommended for new asphalt to prevent future wear and damage, as well as a good last step after crack filling or other minor repair services.

When should you get a slurry coat?

A slurry coating is recommended by pavement experts for asphalt that has deeper cracks, more damage to the top layer of pavement, has been repaired recently, or has a more uneven asphalt surface. A slurry coat is a great final step after pothole repairs and patching to create a new surface over the entire pavement.

Contact H&H Paving LLC in Southside AL for sealcoating and slurry sealing services to get your local pavement looking good!

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