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Over the years, H&H Paving LLC has become the most reliable paving company in and around Rainsville AL because we are professionals who have the best interests at heart for our paving customers. For a decade we have served Alabama with cutting edge paving services like asphalt driveways paving & repair, public sport courts, sidewalks & ramps, and more.

Best Asphalt Paving Company in Rainsville AL

Why Choose Us
We are proud to serve the entire state of Alabama
  • We believe in strong customer service standards and are able to provide testimonials of satisfied customers who have had long-lasting and beautiful paving installations.
  • Believing in only the best being provided to our customers, we source the best asphalt products for our jobs so that we can guarantee our paving work is performed to exceptional standards.
  • We don’t abandon our clients after their new driveway or parking lot is installed as we offer quality repair and maintenance services for every customer to keep their asphalt looking great.

Enjoy Beautiful Rainsville AL

A city in DeKalb County Alabama, Rainsville had a population of 4,948 as of the 2010 United States Census. It was incorporated in 1956 as an actual city with its own municipal services. This scenic town is located on top of Sand Mountain, which is a southern extension of the Cumberland Plateau.

Even for a town of its size, there are things one can get up to in Rainsville. The Grace’s High Falls Overlook is a landmark where you can look down upon some of the highest scenic waterfalls in the country, being a place of great natural beauty. Old cabins dot the landscape, being a part of the Old Fort Payne Cabin Site that are museums open to the public, showing exactly how life was for Alabamans centuries ago. If you’re into something more modern, the Art Deco style Dekalb Theater is open to the public as a multifunctional facility with many sights throughout the week. No matter your interest in nature or history, Rainsville has something to offer!

Your Pavement Repair Options in Rainsville AL

If you have broken, deteriorated, cracked pavement in Rainsville Alabama, your first question is what are my pavement repair options? It can be scary to get your pavement repaired, but your local paving company can help.

H&H Paving, Rainsville AL’s most reputable asphalt paving company, has the asphalt paving expertise to diagnose your parking lot or driveway problems and the latest equipment to carry out advanced pavement repair processes to correct them.

Pavement Repair Options

Problem: Pavement Cracks. Solution: Crack Filling.

When oxidation weakens the pavement surface, it opens it up for water penetration. Water soaking into the pavement then causes cracks, but professional crack sealing services repair these cracks with commercial grade asphalt emulsions designed to repair the asphalt layer.

Problem: Potholes. Solution: Asphalt Patching.

Over time, water soaking into asphalt pavement over and over can turn into a pothole, where the deterioration goes all the way down through the asphalt layers. To correct this, pavement contractors saw cut around the pothole, remove damaged asphalt and debris, and then fill in the area with new asphalt pavement, compacting it to match the existing pavement.

Problem: Major Surface Deterioration. Solution: Asphalt Resurfacing.

If your asphalt pavement surface has been repeatedly repaired or has lots of damage, removing it through milling and replacing just those top few layers is a more cost-effective pavement repair option. Pavement resurfacing saves money over full depth asphalt replacement and can last just as long, since it’s still a new layer of pavement.

H&H Paving LLC, Rainsville AL’s Asphalt Pavement Repair Experts

When you’re looking for the most cost-effective permanent pavement repair in the Rainsville Alabama area, you can trust H&H Paving. Contact us right away for a thorough pavement inspection and diagnosis.

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