Asphalt Repair

Curious if your pavement would benefit from asphalt repair or if it needs full replacement? You need the help of your area’s most trusted asphalt paving company.

H&H Paving LLC: Alabama’s Best Asphalt Repair Contractor

Since 2013, the paving professionals at H&H Paving have been providing top notch asphalt paving services, including state of the art asphalt repair, to property owners all over northeast Alabama in communities like Gadsden, Rainsville, Fort Payne, Southside, and Scottsboro AL.

Asphalt Repair Services for Alabama Property Owners

We tailor our pavement repair solutions to your asphalt problems, so let’s look at how quality asphalt repair services address different types of damage.

  • Problem: Pavement Cracks

    Over time, the yearly temperature cycle combined with weathering can break down asphalt and cause cracking. If left untreated, they can weaken the structure of your pavement and lead to potholes or shifting.

    Solution: Crack Sealing

    After thoroughly cleaning out the cracks, paving contractors fill them in with the highest quality asphalt crack fillers either through injection or spraying, sealing them up so they can’t worsen.

  • Problem: Potholes, Depressions

    Repeated stress from vehicle traffic can cause faults within the asphalt layers that lead to depressions or deep areas of pavement deterioration called potholes. If left untreated, potholes will only get bigger and cause vehicle damage.

    Solution: Asphalt Patching

    While temporary solutions like filling in potholes can fix problems in the short term, the best long term asphalt repair solution for potholes and deteriorated pavement is called patching. This service involves using special saws to cut away the damaged pavement so it can be replaced with fresh asphalt.

  • Problem: Surface Deterioration

    When the surface of asphalt pavement is exposed to air, water, and sunlight over the years, it can cause it to get dry, gray, and brittle.

    Solution: Asphalt Resurfacing

    Depending on the seriousness of the surface deterioration, there are a couple asphalt repair solutions that work. Asphalt sealcoating applies a thin asphalt emulsion mixed with protective polymers over the surface, restoring important chemicals and preventing further wear. If surface damage goes a little deeper, asphalt overlay can add a thin layer of new asphalt to the existing surface.

What do you do when your asphalt is broken in northeast Alabama? Call H&H Paving!

With all these asphalt repair services, our experienced paving professionals can get your parking lot or driveway back to full function quickly and efficiently. Because we target specific asphalt problems, you won’t spend money on pavement services you don’t need.

Don’t suffer from damaged asphalt pavement! Contact H&H Paving LLC right away!

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