Asphalt Installation

When improving your property with new pavement, you need quality asphalt installation services from experienced paving contractors to get the most attractive and long-lasting pavement.

H&H Paving LLC: AL’s Trusted Asphalt Installation Contractors

Not only do our founders come from paving families, we’ve been performing top tier asphalt paving services in northeast Alabama for years. The paving professionals at H&H Paving pay attention to detail during every step of our proven asphalt installation process.

Quality Asphalt Installation in Four Steps

  1. Site Preparation

    Demolition breaks up any existing pavement, which is removed to create a cleans surface to begin new asphalt installation.
    Vegetation, large rocks, and other organic debris are also removed.
    The soil is compacted and graded to prepare the site for proper drainage.

  2. Aggregate Base Layer Installation

    A base layer made up of crushed rocks, gravel, recycled asphalt, and other aggregates is laid down. The thickness of this layer depends on the intended use of the finished asphalt pavement.
    This aggregate layer is also compacted and graded to ensure correct drainage and stability.

  3. Asphalt Installation

    Asphalt is mixed specifically for the site and the purpose of the pavement. Generally, asphalt is made of aggregates and petroleum and rubberized plastic emulsions that are liquid at high temperatures.
    Several layers of asphalt are applied, with larger aggregates in lower layers and finer aggregates on the surface layers. Like with the base, the thickness of these layers depend on the intended pavement use.

  4. Pavement Finishing Services

  5. There are several services that can finish off asphalt pavement, depending on its use. For example:

    Parking lot paving requires certain services like concrete curb installation, line striping, and pavement stencils.
    Driveways and roadways can benefit from asphalt sealcoating after new asphalt has fully cured. This service provides a protective barrier over the surface layer in order to reduce water penetration, UV ray damage, and oxidation.

Asphalt Installation Alabama Locals Can Trust

At H&H Paving, we work hard to meet the paving needs of our local customers, approaching every client with honesty and every pavement installation job with a dedication to integrity and exceptional workmanship in asphalt paving. We also won’t abandon our clients after their new parking lot or driveway is installed; we offer high quality pavement repair and asphalt maintenance services to keep your asphalt looking good for decades.

Do you want new asphalt pavement on your property? Contact H&H Paving for a free site inspection!

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