Asphalt Overlay Tips & Info for Scottsboro Alabama

Out of all the problems asphalt pavement can have, cracks and surface deterioration can be the most frustrating for property owners and asphalt contractors alike. If not properly repaired, cracks can show right through any new asphalt and cause repeated problems. One type of asphalt repair can turn the clock back on damaged asphalt: overlay.

H&H Paving: Scottsboro AL’s Asphalt Overlay Experts

In Alabama, H&H Paving LLC is the most reputable paving company, and they have the expertise and access to quality products to perform permanent pavement repairs and rejuvenate local parking lots, roads, and driveways. Our asphalt overlay services can breathe new life into deteriorating pavement. Here’s how.

Asphalt Overlay Tips & Info

Here’s some tips from the asphalt experts about overlay services and how they improve pavement.

What is an asphalt overlay?

First, it’s important to understand what asphalt overlay services are and are not. An asphalt overlay involves laying new asphalt over existing pavement. It does not involve removing the top layers of pavement with asphalt milling like resurfacing services do. Pavement must be cleaned for the new asphalt to adhere, and crack filling must be performed beforehand to repair underlying issues so they don’t reflect.

What is reflective asphalt damage?

Cracks and other damage are called reflective when they show through new layers of asphalt as “reflections” of damage in lower levels. This is a common problem with asphalt overlay services performed by a fly-by-night paving company, which is why you need reputable asphalt repair contractors like those at H&H Paving.

What if asphalt overlay isn’t enough to fix pavement?

If cracks keep reflecting through repairs or the pavement has been repeatedly repaired, it may be time for asphalt resurfacing. This is a more extreme surface repair that involves removing the top layers of pavement with milling machines and then installing a new top layer.

Think an asphalt overlay can help your AL pavement? Call H&H Paving LLC for a professional pavement inspection.

Asphalt damage only gets worse if left alone. There’s no reason to wait on getting professional help. Contact Alabama’s most experienced paving company before it’s too late!


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